Saturday, May 26, 2018

I’ve been working, writing, and producing for public radio since 2006 ever since I discovered that DC has No Food. That commentary, my first for WAMU 88.5’s Metro Connection, won Best of the Year and started my journey down the cobblestone path. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and interview many incredible people from Muppets and Jedis to Nobel Prize Winners and political leaders.

But it’s not all news. I’ve seen several of my plays hit the New York stage, have seen my novels on bookshelves, and my paintings exhibited in galleries and homes. This website will hopefully be a place where we can wonder and wander. I hope that you will say hello and be a part of many conversations. Please feel free to read, listen, view and most importantly comment.

On My Mind

A loss of Nobility: Homage to a Community Mega-Bookstore

As I walked down the sidewalk of downtown Bethesda today, I noticed the darkened Barnes & Nobles. The behemoth keystone to the community of shops, restaurants, and cinemas fell. It startled me. It was a place I always stepped into to go and smell the roses. Now admittedly I’m more of an indie bookstore and […]

Featured Story

In fiction, heroes come in all shapes and sizes from the very young to the aged, from ghosts to aliens, and from every race, creed, religion, and gender, but on the silver screen and TV, there has been one type of hero that has been in short supply–The Black hero. Joining us to talk about heroes, role models, TV, and his Xistance is actor Cress Williams, star of the new CW series Black Lightning.

What’s New!

Here’s the sketch of the week. I don’t know the story yet… do you?