A Halo of Mushrooms' Events

Star Wars Day Odenton, MD 

WGVU Morning show with Shelley Irvin

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Radio Rock Shout out and review

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Mars Con
Jan 13 - 15

Moderating with a Panel with Hugo Award Winner Will McIntosh, and Baen Books Executive Editor Jim Minz

Meeting the Readers at Artist's Alley

Feb 12 - 14

Cape Fear Comic Con
April 16

Mars Con 2017

Geek Mob
Guest of Honor
Nov 4, 2017

Mars Con 2018

  1. On the Radio and in Print
    Read or listen to pieces I've done over the years with public radio, Radio VR, and others. Plus, check out my latest blog. Be sure to comment!
  2. On the Canvas
    Check out my artwork. These are paintings, sketches, sculptures and design work that I've done over the years. Let me know what you think!
  3. On the Page and Stage
    A look at my novels, plays, short stories and other efforts in the world of fiction. Click here to read samples, see what's new and key dates. Please give me your feedback!